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When I do a Batik lifeline I start digging in the native’s birth chart and just go after what stands out. As I look for what is needed I let the path unfold before me. Maybe a remembrance of strength or protection perhaps.

I translate what I see into visual energy for the future wearer.

I’ve been dreaming about portals to other places and dimensions. Safe spaces found in mountain caves and the sight of sandy beaches while the sun is setting, great valleys full of wild flowers..

Where do you go to feel protected?

To tattoo a portal is to remember you’re wearing the door to your favourite place. I’ve got flashes ready to go or we can talk about a specific place you’d like me to make a portal for.

Pre-made designs ready for your skin. Flash tattoos come as you see them. I’ll never do my flash twice but I can always draw you a design that is similar.

Here is a link to my online flashbook.
I always have my flashbook laying around in the shop and flashes hanging on the wall, you’re invited to come take a look in person.

I am always down to discuss your tattoo dreams and help them come to reality. Images and text.

If you’re not sure what kind of style you’d like to have for a dear one’s name or your favourite word I’ve got a few examples for you.


If you’d like to book in an appointment go to my CONTACT page and see what information is needed for us to set the appointment.