You ever reflected on yourself, your life and your lifestyle and felt like a big fucking hypocrite? Well I did a short while ago.

I never liked the taste of meat so giving up meat was easy (I thought). I actually did that when I was around 14 but developed anemia and my doctor at that time pushed me back to eating meat. After a few years of eating meat I stopped again because (firstly I didn’t want to eat it at all and) I was grown enough to understand I really had to take good care of my body and keep up with the supplements and all. Milk replaced by soy or almond milk because it made my belly hurt. Make-up and other products only cruelty free. But when it came to sneakers it didn’t even cross my mind that some of them are made of leather and animals get hurt and killed for that as well. Or maybe I just didn’t want to think about it.. So yeh, that’s why I felt like a big fucking hypocrite and decided to go full on and extreme vegan from that day on. (Also no more eggs and no more pizza with mozzarella)

Still deciding on what to do with my collection, narrowing it down to the vegan ones or keeping some stuff. What do you think I should do?

To end this personal stuff with something sunny, the Reebok Daytona DMX I got some time ago are super vegan, synthetic leather for the win!

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5th September 2018


Als je er gelukkig mee bent en
er zuinig op bent houden + in the future idd gewoon vegan shoes kopen, doe wat je hart zegt en waar je gelukkiger van wordt! [Mooie schoenen of dieren redden haha] Je nieuwe pattas zijn sick, en vegan!!

love je blog tho.

Ja, denk dat ik er een paar hou maar het grootste deel toch weg ga doen. Eerst maar eens even gaan sorteren en kijken wat in welke categorie valt! En het is niet dat ik niet genoeg schoenen heb, het zou best minder materialistisch mogen haha.

Thanks voor de love! X

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