The reason I started really getting into illustration when I was younger was the work of Jamie Hewlett. I was a Gorillaz fangirl and just loved (still do ofc) his way of drawing. Of course I needed to find out if there was more this master of pencils had made and hell yehh there was: Tank Girl. Fell in love right away. The extreme lack of fucks given by this crazy ass character, her bold poses and her feminism.  

Ok, so Tank Girl is a tank pilot (hence the name lol) and bounty hunter who becomes an outlaw and gets bounty hunted because of some dumb mistake she made (oh and she lives in that tank by the way). She also has a sort of human looking mutated kangaroo boyfriend called Booga. The comic is created by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin and consists of random events happening in her life while going on adventures with Booga and other characters.

Even though Tank Girl is made by two guys and there’s a lot of nudity, sex, drinking, violence and what not in the comic I think they did an extremely good job at not objectificating her as a woman. Instead they made her a feminist icon with a very foul mouth. Jusssst my kind of girl.


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19th July 2018

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